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Choosing your wedding dress colour

What colour wedding dress should I buy?

Your choice of wedding dress reflects the type of person you are and the type of wedding you want, whether you choose short, long, flirty or princess-like. But not many people realise the importance of the colour of your wedding dress and what each colour really signifies.

Perhaps you have heard of virginal white, but this can mean many different things to many different people. In Christianity, the bride traditionally wore a white dress to display her purity and virginity to her husband to be. These days, not many brides are still virgins by the time they get married, but many do still opt for the big white wedding dress anyway as it is something they always dreamed of. Generally, second time brides or brides who have already had children do not tend to go for a white wedding dress as it can be deemed inappropriate, if not by themselves then by their older relatives. As an alternative, they often go for an off white wedding dress such as ivory or champagne. These look classy at the same time as not being pure white. There are also of course a wide range of other colours to choose from. Traditionally some colours were seen as a no go area for any bride (red and black are good examples) for various reasons. These days, however, society is much more relaxed about the colour a bride chooses for her wedding dress. Have a look below to see the points raised about each colour.

White wedding dresses

A pure and clean colour for a wedding dress. Most commonly used by first time brides, particularly if they are still virgins or have only ever had eyes for the man they are marrying! Traditionally, this was the colour worn by most brides hence the phrase a big white wedding.

There are people who say that a white wedding dress was a symbol of wealth. In the past (before the times of cars and trains) there were horses and carriages. Literally nobody could afford to wear a white dress anywhere because they knew it would get dirty and muddy and ultimately never be able to be worn again. Only the richest girls would therefore be able to marry in a white wedding dress, as the others would have to adapt and use their wedding dresses long after the wedding since using a dress just once would be so wasteful in a family which has little money.

Queen Victoria also sparked a huge trend in white wedding dresses when she married Price Albert in a beautiful white gown. The popularity of the traditional white wedding dress has remained a firm favourite ever since even in Disney fairy tales.

Ivory wedding dresses

An ideal choice for those who love the look of a white wedding dress, but know they are not quite so pure as they should be to wear it is the ivory wedding dress. Not only is it easier to avoid slight blemishes showing up in the photos near the train, it is also generally more flattering against a white skin tone. Pure white wedding dresses can leave the bride looking washed out whereas a little ivory helps to bring the colour of the skin out. Many a wedding photographer much prefers to photograph a bride in an ivory wedding dress than one in a white one!

Champagne wedding dresses

Champagne coloured wedding dresses have similar advantages to ivory gowns, in that they flatter the skin tone much more than a pure white wedding dress. They also hide minor blemishes such as dirt marks from the floor. They are especially suited to darker skinned brides as the champagne colour really compliments their skin.

The champagne wedding dress can be likened to a golden colour, so it gives the effect of both quality and style at the same time.

Red wedding dresses

Red wedding dresses were traditionally a no go area for brides, as they symbolised prostitution. However, these days only your elderly relatives are likely to think like that! Red is becoming a popular colour as it is deep, romantic and luxurious in the right shade. White roses go well against a red dress and can look extremely elegant.

Blue Wedding Dresses

Blue is also seen as a symbol of purity by many people, and for this reason it has been a popular choice for a colour of wedding dress over the years. Deep blue is the most common shade of blue used for wedding gowns.

Black wedding dresses

Black is recognised as a symbol of death and mourning worldwide, so until very recent times was never really considered by many as a wedding dress colour. However, these days there are brides who are making the theme of their entire wedding black! From table and chair covers to favour boxes, black has become the new white for many modern brides!

Other coloured wedding dresses

Yellow, pink, purple, green, orange or grey wedding dresses are much less commonly worn by brides. But of course there is always the exception to the rule! Whatever coloured wedding dress you choose in the end, the most important thing is that you love it and feel that it is exactly what you hoped for. The colour you choose for your wedding dress is a very personal choice and one only you can make!

If you can not make your mind up, you could even go for a couple of these colours together, White or ivory wedding gowns with red flowers on them have begun to appear in bridal shops throughout the country, as have deep blue gowns with golden clips dotted all around the skirt.

Whichever colour you go for, take your time to decide, It is after all the biggest day of your life and you want to look your best!

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